Hi, I am Dr. Janice R Love,

Your First Lady Coach:) 

I equip Seasoned Pastors’ Wives to live a harmonious and authentic life by having the clarity, confidence and the courage to stand on their own platform without becoming a distraction to the ministry.


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"If you are married to ministry or embarking on the journey of being a pastor's wife, Dr. Janice’s coaching program is definitely for you!  

Chosen Pearls has a structure that is easy to follow and has just the right mix of guidance and personal introspection.  It is deep work, but it is life-affirming work. This program has quieted my overwhelm and set me on a path to be more confident in my identity as a believer, an individual, and a wife. Invest in yourself and TAKE. THIS. PROGRAM!"

Chaffron Corder| Mack the Maverick – Unapologetic Beauty Blogger


Created, Called, and   Chosen 


Much more than a Helpmate 


Emerge out of the Shadows


Stand Firm on Your Own Platform


Transform from Eve to Esther


Nurture, Network, and Connect 
Shirle Perkins | Author of Pathway to Purpose

"During the pandemic, I was overwhelmed with feelings of losing my voice in my marriage and in ministry.  I decided to join Dr. Janice's Chosen Pearls program to discover my voice and platform. 

I use this knowledge now to make decisions and to evaluate my responses to important situations. I love the program mainly because it helped me to really see my true strengths. Also how to deal with the shadows in my life. Dr. Love really made it an easy process to go through. I am so glad that I invested in myself."

Dr. Sheila Cunningham | Pharmacist, District Youth Sponsor

"The program addressed many areas I had not gotten over mentally.  Now I am more aware of Satan’s tactics.  I can recognize and transform my thoughts when Satan tries to attack me. The homework gave me a new outlook on different situations.

I no longer waste my mental energies trying to control everyone else’s life.  One of the greatest benefits I received from coaching, was I am a better helpmate to my husband and can freely show him more love and affection and let him know he is appreciated and loved. By developing my purpose platform statement, I quit trying to do everything and I have a clear focus on how to use the gifts God has given me. I can’t wait for Dr. Janice's coming retreat!"

Kimberly Pope | Founder of the Prayer Gathering, Pastor's wife

"As soon as I heard Janice was offering another coaching program, I signed up immediately. I was ready to get the clarity I needed to do what God created me to do.

After being a part of her coaching program I gained the clarity and the confidence to fulfill my calling of hosting an ongoing community Prayer Gathering. I am standing boldly on my own platform without the fear of being a distraction to my husband’s ministry. He is one of my biggest fans and supporters in my journey.

By providing a safe environment for me to rise above the expectations of others and to share my own dreams, I finally have the tools I needed to implement my purpose. 

Rev. Sheila Tolbert

"After experiencing a devastating divorce as a pastor’s wife, I enrolled in Janice’s coaching program. By working with Janice, I was better able to navigate through my divorce. She provided a nurturing, judgment-free environment for me to heal from the shock hurt, frustration, and disappointment associated with divorce. In our time together I learned that God could use my pain to make a difference in the lives of others. Now I am using my God-given gifts to focus on the spiritual transformation of men and women through sustainable programs which fund Kingdom projects in the areas of Homelessness, World Hunger, Domestic Violence, and Human Trafficking."

“Give God the right to direct your life, and as you trust Him along the way, you’ll find He pulled it off perfectly.”

Psalm 37:5 TPT

It’s time we started being honest about what it takes to really be happy and fulfilled.

Would you have ever imagined that the profession, title or calling of the man you married would have such a profound effect on BECOMING the woman God created you to BE?

If you are a woman who wants to walk in your own purpose and happily walk beside your husband, it’s hard to find harmony and balance. Your head is filled with plans to “live happily ever after” but many days you feel like you are sharing your husband with the world.